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 Rei Clan

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PostSubject: Rei Clan   Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:06 pm

Name: Rei Clan

Blood trait: The Rei clan members are able to reach speeds up to the speed of Lightning
also they have an eye ability called Raishunkan that allows them to predict things before they happen they are a 9/10 chance of predicting correctly its sorta a gamble,The clan most famous blood trait was Ghost body which turned their body into a ghost like state making it where they could phase threw solid objects and solid objects phase threw them the only problem with this trait was that it could only be used for 15 seconds.The Raishunkan turns both the eyes a dark golden yellow with small line designs on the iside

History: The beginning of this clan was the first raikage who created it for the soul purpose of protecting the cloud village after he was long and gone the clan has gone threw many hardships over the years and has gone threw many great times becoming the most powerful and well know clan in the cloud village the strongest member at the current moment in time is said to be Raizen Rei.
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Rei Clan
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