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 Nikku Maafi

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PostSubject: Nikku Maafi   Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:51 pm

Name: Nikku Maafi

age: 24

Element: Lightning, Water (Storm)

Clan: Maafi

gender: Male


Height: 6'0 ft

village: Lightning village

weight: 180 lbs.

Personalty: Nikku is one of those people that everything is a joke to. He always tries to make the best of the situation. Even if he is terrified Nikku will use half his energy concealing it because he believes that if your enemy sees fear in your eyes then they have won the battle already. Nikku has a split personality; he will sometimes be caught arguing with himself. He refers to his other half as Koushaku or Kou for short; Kousaku means Prince. Even though Nikku knows its psychological he sometimes wonders if Kuo is the spirit of a dead Maafi royal that entered his body for some reason, but of course that couldn’t be true. He commonly looks down on those youger and weaker than himself.

Love: Any hot girl

Rank: Sennin

Specialtys: Lightning techniques and speed

Nikku was born in the lightning village of Kumo and raised by his father. He had two older siblings who shunned him from their lives. At the age of two his father started teaching him how to use a sword and how to hide kunias in his sleeve. He started going to the ninja academy at the age of 7 and barely graduated 5 years later at the age of 12. Soon after Nikku's graduation his father disappeared leaving him and his siblings alone-but not before teaching him some basic assasin techniques and some hand to hand techniques. After the opportunity was given his siblings bolted out of the village to never be seen. For the next 2 years he took up head hunting jobs for fun and money. When he quit bounty hunting at 15 he decided to start trying to become a chuunin since he knew that he had a duty to uphold to his village. He also knew that if was a mere genin then he would be of no use to Kumogakure. After 2 years of hard training Nikku was promoted to Chuunin…but not with flying colours. He had barely met the requirements for Chuunin coming so close to failing that the Raikage had to talk it over with officials on whether he passed or not. For 2 years after that he brought messages back and fourth between Kumo and the other villages. By the age of 19 he had become a renowned assassin and bounty hunter for the Village hidden in the clouds. His Kenjutsu skill was unrivaled by any other Chuunin his age. Some people weren’t sure whether they should refer to Nikku as a Samurai or a Shinobi since he used his katana more than his jutsu and ninja skills. He also created a blade gauntlet the fed off impulses from the brain. It was at 19 however that Nikku decided to go to new heights and become a Jounin. He had to start by showing the Kumo village Council that he was responsible. There was only one way to do that: teach at the academy. Unfortunately one of the last things Nikku wanted to do was spend more time at the academy than he had too. Due to his assassin techniques he became the teacher of using Kunias properly and advance sword techniques. Two years after he started teaching and was liking it Kou-his split personality-told him it was time to quit. After reluctantly leaving he decided to take on jobs for the village. From age 21 to 22 he completed 43 missions; 17 b-ranked and 26 c-ranked. It was two weeks after the 43rd mission that he was assigned the mission that he needed. An A-rank assassin mission to kill a band of dangerous smugglers and thieves that were taking information and items and selling them to Kumogakure’s enemys. It was 4 and 2/3 painstaking months for the mission to be completed. In that time Nikku had broken his right leg (nearly in half), fractured his left arm in three places and nearly had his eye sliced open. When he returned to the village he fell into a coma for a month and a half. When he awoke he was informed he had been promoted to Jounin. After recovering for seven monthes, Nikku realized that he wanted to go back to teaching but in a different way. He recieved a team of three genin that he trained for several monthes before the chuunin exams. They passed with flying colors and went on to become Jounin in only monthes. Nikku was then assigned another team as an experiment. This team had the same fate and became jounin in only monthes. This was when the council of the cloud village decided to offer the job of Raikage to Nikku, but alas he turned it down and instead took the rank of Sennin. It now has been a year since his promotion and now is exploring the land and relaxing.
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Nikku Maafi
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